Partners in Planning

Canadian Society for Evidence Based Policing (CAN-SEBP)
The Canadian Society for Evidence Based Policing is an association of police practitioners, academic researchers, public policy-makers and others, whose mission is to foster the creation and mobilization of quality research in order to make evidence based approaches a cornerstone of policing in Canada.

American Society for Evidence Based Policing (ASEBP)
Facilitating the Use of Research in Policing – ASEBP was born out of the drive to advance the state of policing in America through the use of scientific evidence.  Evidence-based policing can be broken into two main components, each equally important.  First, there needs to be an increase in the amount of research that is conducted in policing.  The second component of evidence-based policing is the translation of the research findings into a format that is accessible and easy to digest for the working police officer.  The goal of the ASEBP is to give every police officer the tools to understand research and to determine how it can be used to address their local crime problems.