Become a Member

Becoming a member of CALEP provides your organization with a forum to develop a network of law enforcement planning professionals across the Province. Additionally, member agencies have the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous resources and events offered by the Association, including:

  • Semi-annual business symposium (preferred pricing);
  • Access to the members-only section of this website;
  • The downloadable member directory;
  • The Blueprint newsletter;
  • Annual Report Award;
  • And more!

The Association offers two membership options, Active and Associate membership. If your organization is a law enforcement or public safety agency, you qualify for Active Member. CALEP also offers an Associate Membership for individuals with a professional or academic interest in law enforcement planning.

Membership in CALEP is administered per agency rather than by individual. Provincial or National organizations membership is by department or branch. An unlimited number of individuals from your organization can share in the numerous benefits offered by the Association.

SOUNDS GREAT! How do I become a member?

CALEP reaches out to a Primary Contact at known partner organizations for registration payments. To see if your organization is in good standing, check here.

To make sure you are registered as a member please complete this form.

Note that the Members Only section of our website requires a separate application and can be found here.

Online payments

Membership is free for 2023; online registration payments via PayPal will be returning in 2024.