The Canadian Association of Law Enforcement Planners (CALEP) was previously known as the Ontario Association of Law Enforcement Planners (OALEP).

The Ontario Association of Law Enforcement Planners, originally named the Ontario Police Forces Planning Association (OPFPA), was formed in 1982. The association was represented by both sworn and civilian members from approximately 30 law enforcement agencies across the Province. In 2010, OALEP became the largest Chapter of the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners (IALEP) in North America.

In 2022, IALEP ceased its operations and dissolved after a vote from its membership. Recognizing that this created a gap in professional development for law enforcement planners across Canada, OALEP renamed itself CALEP and extended its focus nation-wide. The inaugural membership drive has helped expand its membership to approximately 35 agencies across Canada with an additional 11 from the US.

Membership in CALEP facilitates networking with other law enforcement professionals on topics of common interest. CALEP offers two business symposiums annually, in the spring and fall. In recognition of travel and training budget limitations, CALEP offers some symposiums virtually. The business symposiums provide an opportunity to learn from distinguished speakers and network with planners from across Canada.

The Association is committed to four key objectives:

  1. To enhance professionalism in the spirit of continuous innovation in law enforcement planning.
  2. To act as a resource and information centre for the benefit of the membership.
  3. To foster and maintain a network of professional planners that will improve communication and collaboration between law enforcement and public safety agencies.
  4. To provide training and development opportunities for planning professionals in the public safety industry.

There are no paid CALEP positions, with all Executive Board positions filled by elected members that volunteer their time with endorsement from their respective agencies.

Click here to download the CALEP Constitution and By-Laws (PDF)