Conference News

The June 2018 Risk Symposium, hosted by Peel Regional Police, was a two day event with multiple guest speakers.  Peel Regional Police conducted two panel discussions to demonstrate the functionality of their internal Prisoner Management Application System and to introduce how their organization has implemented Mental Health within their Professional Standards Bureau. 

Guest speakers from Western University presented on the topic of workplace violence and explained its growth within mainstream conversations, the laws that have evolved and the continuous struggles that employees, namely women continue to encounter in the workplace. Various lawyers presented on topics such as Human Rights Tribunals and the purpose of a Coroner’s Inquest.  Additionally, one lawyer presented on the challenges police services will endure, including roadside screening and accommodation requests when marihuana becomes legal later this year.  There was also a guest speaker that discussed slips and falls in the workplace and provided an overview of pertinent case law. The speakers at the symposium included:

  • Workplace violence from Western University – Barb McQuarrie and Margerite McPherson
  • Slips and Falls – Sam Kodsi
  • Marihuana in a Police Services – Michael Blinick LLP
  • Coroner’s Inquests – Nadia Marotta LLP and Nada Nicola-Howorth LLP
  • Human Rights Tribunals – Christine Carter LLP

Throughout the event, there was plenty of opportunity for networking and round table discussions between the police services which helped identify similar organizational issues or systemic hurdles and how each police service is addressing a growing demand for more accountability.

Submitted by: Camille Kosokowsky, Program Analyst, Risk Management Section, OPP